Raw and Carded Fleece

Spinners and Felters Love My Fleece

Raw fleece for spinning

I breed my flock for fleece quality. I weave and spin so I know what you are looking for in a good fleece. Each year I have fleeces which are just too special to put in the bag for the mill and must be hand spun! Supply of colours will vary, so drop me an email to find out what I have available.

  • All fleeces are well skirted and clean
  • Fleeces weigh l-2kgs
  • Some fleeces are multi-coloured
  • Staple length is usually at least 3" / 7cm
  • Prices are based on fineness, staple length and weight, usually £10 - £15
  • Postage varies according to weight and method - courier or Royal Mail.

Carded fleece for felting and spinning

We sell sliver which is carded fleece drawn into long strips like rovings. It is taken off the carding line before rovings so is not over carded or twisted. It spins well but is also wonderful for both wet and needle felting. I sell a lot to felters who want the natural animal colours for their work.

Availability varies – please email to find out what colours are available
100g in Naked Wool cotton bag £6

Washed Fleece for peg loom weaving

This is not suitable for spinning, it is fleece with shorter, less fine fibres which I keep for peg loom weaving.
Bag of once washed fleece approx 600g (2/3 pillow case full) £5.
Post and packaging for all fleece will depend on weight and method of delivery. I usually use a courier. Drop me an email