Get Knitting 

Although I am happy to sell you the wool, beautiful as it is, my great interest is to get you knitting! It is so easy and so rewarding. What a lovely present a pair of hand knitted gloves would be, a hot water bottle cover or a scarf. But going out and buying all the ‘essentials’ – needles, choosing wool and finding a pattern can be complicated when you haven’t done it before. So here it all is in a kit for you, with everything you need to learn (if you don’t already know) to knit and produce a beautiful article in natural colours.
Not just beginners!
All the Naked Wool designs are suitable for beginners - patterns are simple and easy to follow and the kit has a ‘learn to knit’ guide. But the kits are not only for beginners. They make wonderful presents for anyone. The kit is presented in a simple and appealing box which contains wool, patterns, bamboo needles, ‘The Story of Wool’ leaflet and instructions but also a unique label to sew on to the finished article ‘Home Knitted for Ewe’ and a steel needle to sew in the ends.
So everything is there – why not have a go? And I bet you will be back for more!
Happy knitting

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Knit and Natter at tea time

Lizzie learns to knit

Dogs relax on Naked Wool Knitted Products

Alice and Katie enjoy the finished cushions

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