Shetland Wool Knit Kits


Guide to choosing your kit:

Buying for yourself or someone else... Like and want what you choose - all patterns are easy
Not knitted for years and want to start again... kits are only 100g/150g - patterns are quick to knit and finish
Complete beginner... instructions start with how to pick up your needles. Patterns are graded *very easy, **easy, ***still quite easy
Need to relax... knitting is very therapeutic... knit to unwind
Natural colours... no dyes or bleaches...Shetland colours are already amazing. Batch colours may vary because different sheep are contributing their coats to your yarn
Children under 8 years need supervision... Needles/eyes.

Kits contain:

• 4 or 6 balls (lOOg or 150g) undyed Shetland wool in varying colours
• 2 easy patterns to choose between
• Pair 5mm bamboo knitting needles
• Full instructions on 'How to Knit' including tips and tricks for all knitters
• 'The Story of Wool' - you MUST know where it comes from !
• A sew on label 'Home made for Ewe'
• A small steel needle to sew in the ends and seams

Knit Kit A - £22

Pattern 1 Lacy Shawl**
Pattern 2 Fringed Lacy Scarf***
Knit pattern 1 the Lacy Shawl

Knit Kit C - £22

Pattern 5 Leg Warmers*
Pattern 6 Fingerless Gloves*
Knit pattern 5 the Leg Warmers

Knit Kit E - £22

Pattern 9 Basket Weave HWB Cover ***
Pattern 10 Moss Stitch HWB  Cover**
nit pattern 9 the Basket Weave HWB Cover

Knit Kit G - £25

Pattern 13 Long Rib Scarf*
Pattern 14 Snood**
Knit pattern 13 the Long Rib Scarf(*)

Knit Kit H - £25

Pattern 15 Striped Garter Scarf*
Pattern 16 Rib Striped Scarf*
Knit Pattern 15 the Striped Garter Scarf *(

Knit Kit J - £22

Pattern 17 Ridged Cushion Cover*
Pattern 18 Basket Weave Cushion Cover***
Knit pattern 17 the Ridged Cushion Cover*

Knit Kit K - £22

Pattern 19 Snazzy Bag*
Pattern 20 Moss Pocket Bag **
Knit pattern 19 The Snazzy Bag*

Knit Kit L - £22

Pattern 21 Summer Shrug*
Pattern 22 Drop Stitch Scarf*
Knit pattern 21 Summer Shrug *

Knit Kit M - £22

Pattern 23 Beanie Hat**
Pattern 24 Cuffed Hat**
Knit pattern 9 the Basket Weave HWB Cover
Pink Printed Dress

Post and packing for UK mainland delivery is charged £3.00
For overseas orders please email direct.. If you are not satisfied with your purchase please email.

Shetland Wool Knit Kits