Where the wool comes fromĀ 

As a hobby, for many years, I have kept a small flock of 7 Shetland ewes. This started my interest in Shetland wool. I keep my own fleeces to use for rugs and knitwear for my family. Most pure bred Shetland sheep are in small flocks with owners who know the individual characters and needs of their animals. Many have registered names and careful breeding maintains the high quality of the fleece and a gentle temperament to meet the high breed standards.

Naked Wool comes from Shetland flocks all over mainland UK. I buy fleece straight from the farms, carefully selecting the finest quality from pedigree flocks. The fleeces are taken from the farms direct to a small privately owned mill in Yorkshire where they are processed in colour batches. No harsh chemicals are used, just gentle washing using bio degradable detergents, safe for the environment.
Shetland sheep have wonderful fleeces in a beautiful range of colours.

No dying or bleaching is necessary. The colours are as nature intended with lovely warm browns, steely greys, speckled blacks and soft delicate creamy whites. Naked Wool uses 4 of the 11 main colours. Each colour batch varies a little because the fleeces come from different Shetland flocks all over mainland UK.

ewe with lambs

Ewe with lambs

Barbara Summers with her Flock in Suffolk

Barbara with her hobby flock

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