I have kept Shetland sheep for many years.

I have been knitting and weaving for many years. Bringing these two passions together, I set up Naked Wool as a hobby business.

I breed my small flock for fleece quality. My ewes are all registered pedigree animals with names (Blackberry, Amber, Apple, Dahlia and Daisy to name a few) and are very loved! The gentle temperament of the Shetland sheep makes them very easy to handle (cuddle) and look after (spoil). It is also very important to maintain a high quality of fleece to meet the breed standards.

I buy fleeces from other mainland Shetland sheep owners, usually small holders with a few animals, mostly in East Anglia where I am based. Fleeces are taken direct to a small privately owned mill in Yorkshire, where, over a cup of good strong Yorkshire tea, decisions are made about what wools to produce - DK, Chunky, single colours, multicolours. No harsh chemicals are used and as far as possible bio degradeable detergents, safe for the environment. No dying or bleaching is necessary. Just look at what the sheep does all on its own!

Once you have sampled Shetland wool, I think you will love it like I do. Barbara

My Shetland Sheep